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10 breakout players of the 2019/20 EPL season

5/6/2020 3:38:07 PM
The 2019/20 English Premier League campaign has seen the emergence of an unprecedented number of gifted youngsters. We take a look at the 10 breakout players of the current season. 

Five richest active boxers in the world right now

5/5/2020 3:03:24 PM
Elite athletes are earning more than ever due to ever-richer TV contracts and soaring endorsement deals. The top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world last year -- across all sporting codes -- each earned at least $25 million in 2019.

The stats story behind this season’s Premier League

5/4/2020 8:52:16 AM

The 2019-20 Premier League season was suspended in March, with most teams having played 29 of their 38 scheduled matches. We take a closer look at the campaign’s most salient statistics thus far.

The EPL's all-time leading goalscorers

4/30/2020 11:14:04 AM
The English Premier League has been graced with some of the greatest goalscorers on the planet over the past 28 years

Compressed season awaits Betway Power as Fuba ponder reforms

4/29/2020 4:33:28 PM
With the country still under lockdown, it is still unclear how much the Covid-19 pandemic will affect sports in the country.

Kikili keeping fit and ready to go

4/29/2020 4:27:05 PM
Betway Power player Nasser Guddi is using the break to stay in shape and get ready for the National Basketball League whenever it tips off.