You no longer have to wait for the final whistle to claim your winnings. Cash Out puts you in complete control of your bets by letting you claim your winnings early, or get some of your stake back if things aren’t going your way.
You’ll either make a profit, or get a portion of your initial bet back, depending on how your selection is doing when you decide to Cash Out.
How to Cash Out:

  • From the Betway homepage, click on Menu
  • Click on My Bets and select Open Bets
  • Your Cash Out offer will be shown next to your open bets
  • Click on Cash Out
  • Confirm your choice
The amount you will be offered will reflect in your My Bets tab and will be based on the actual odds at the time you chose to look for a Cash Out offer. Keep in mind that the amount on offer will never be more than the total potential win of the betslip. Once you have confirmed your Cash Out, your bet will be considered settled.
Cash Out allows you to:
  • Claim a portion of your winnings before your bet has settled
  • Reduce your risk and collect some winnings if things aren’t going your way, or if you’re concerned about the rest of the game
  • Cancel your bet before kick-off and receive a portion of your bet back
Single Bets
You place a Single Bet of 10 on Team 1 to beat Team 2 at odds of 1.8 (where you stand to win 18):
  • Team 1 scores to lead 1:0 – this increases the chance of you winning your bet, so we may offer you a Cash Out of 14. You can either choose to take the 14 (your bet, plus a profit of 4) or wait until the end of the game and hope that Team 1 goes on to win and you win the full 18.
  • Team 2 scores first to go 0:1 up – your bet is less likely to win. We may offer you a Cash out offer of 6, meaning you can either accept the Cash Out offer and get 6 back, or stand the chance of losing your entire 10 if Team 2 go on to win the game.
Multi Bets
You place a Multi Bet of 5 games to the value of 10, with total odds of 3.5 (where you stand to win 35):
  • You win the first 3 games but are unsure of your selections in the remaining 2 – depending on the odds at the time, we may offer you a Cash Out offer of 22. Your options are to either cash out before the last 2 games start, having won an extra 12 off your initial bet, or hope the other 2 events win and claim the full 35.
  • You could also wait for the remaining games to begin and check to see if a Cash Out offer is available mid-game.
You’ve had a change of heart
You place a bet of 10 on Team 1 to beat Team 2 at odds of 1.8 (where you stand to win 18):
  • If you decide it was not a good bet for some reason, you may be offered an early Cash Out before the game has begun. This offer will allow you at least to get something back on a bet you think might lose.

Please note: in all of these scenarios, once you choose to accept a Cash Out, your initial bet is considered settled and closed and will no longer appear in your Open Bets. At this point, you won’t have the chance to win anything else off that bet.
Betway does not guarantee to offer a Cash out offer at any time or on any game.
Terms and conditions apply.