Everything you need to know about Betway

Betway has worked hard to establish itself as a frontrunner in online and mobile sports betting across Africa. Through the use of easy-to-understand technology, Betway has introduced brand new ways to bet to multitudes of passionate football fans. Join Betway, start depositing today and you’ll be able to bet anytime, anywhere – either by using your tablet, desktop PC, or mobile phone through our online and mobile betting platform. You’ll even be able to bet over SMS.

Why choose Betway?

Betway has made waves in Uganda by offering a dynamic, easy-to-use betting product that Ugandans can access quickly and easily to place to their bets. By registering with Betway, all customers will qualify for a Welcome Bonus that will see them receiving a 50% first deposit bonus up to USh 200,000 in Free Bets. To unlock this bonus, customers need only place bets equal to 3 times the initial deposit at odds of 3.0 or higher.

Betway’s dedication to football can also be seen through the sponsorships we’ve committed to. We’ve cemented our name on the English Premier League by becoming the official principal sponsor of West Ham United and shown our support for local sports through our principal sponsorships of Express F.C, Power Basketball and Kobs Rugby.

Live Betting

Live Betting lets you bet on a range of different bet types with odds that constantly change as the game goes on. These odds are dependent on various factors and you can make your own predictions based on a team’s possession, how many cards they’ve received, how each team is in defense and how many goals or points they’ve scored. This gives you much more control when it comes to your bets than a standard pre-match pick.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports betting allows you to bet on fixtures and events that occur digitally rather than in the real world. The result is akin to two computer players facing off on a video game. The results are determined by statistical models and are as fair as the real thing. At Betway, you can bet on a number of Virtual sports including soccer, horse racing, tennis, basketball and dog racing.

Online Casino

Enjoy the convenience of having an online casino in your pocket at all times, ready to make your wait or off-time (wherever it may be) a little more bearable, with a colourful, mobile-friendly array of online casino games ready to go when you are. Now your sports betting and casino fun are in the same place.



The greatest aspect of Betway’s promotions is the fact that we have an incredibly broad reach across the world and therefore have unprecedented access to offer you incredible, and sometimes life-changing, grand prizes. We’ve structured them in such a way that, ordinarily, you can enter our promotions just by betting on your favourite sports the way that you usually do – you just have the wonderful possibility of getting something extra for it.

Standards and security

Betway is licensed and regulated in Uganda and commits itself as a supporter of responsible gambling. Rest assured, all transactions online with us are protected using state-of-the-art digital encryption technology, creating a safe and regulated arena in which to comfortably bet from anywhere, at any time.

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Betway is Africa’s premier online and mobile soccer betting platform. Founded in 2006, we are renowned for our user-friendly interface, easy registration process, excellent customer support and a variety of simple bet types. Betway’s Sportsbook offers competitive odds and exciting promotions throughout the sporting calendar. Customers can bet anywhere, anytime using their phone, tablet, PC or via SMS.

Betway is licensed and regulated through the National Lotteries Board (NLB) of Uganda and is a supporter of responsible gambling.

World Class Betting

Betway isn’t a destination, it’s a journey and we are committed to:

  • Providing a safe and secure online soccer betting platform with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your transactions are protected using the finest digital encryption technology
  • Creating a simple user-interface within the betting environment to ensure that our customer’s get the most enjoyable experience
  • Providing a selection of game types from the most popular leagues and competitions in the world in an easy-to-understand betting format
  • Offering the highest service quality from a dedicated Support team available from 07:00 am to 02:00 am Ugandan time daily